Projects - How To Deal With Post-Hurricane Roof Repairs

If you’re a local Floridian, then you may have experienced and been dramatically effected by the latest natural disaster. That disaster goes by the name Hurricane Matthew, which has caused some serious damage to numerous households throughout Florida. One damage that is to not be taken likely is if your roof is leaking, has noticeable breakage, or is even perhaps growing mold. Your roof is what protects you, your family, possessions, and home.


The severity of a damaged roof cannot be taken lightly for many reasons, but some people allow the damage to simply get worse as they continue to put off repairs. This may be for one or more reasons. Either they don’t know how to repair the roofing themselves, they don’t have time, or they aren’t sure who is a reliable contractor in the area.


Well, here are some helpful tips on how to deal with hurricane roof damage in a timely manner.


Wait Until It’s Dry


If you’re still experiencing some light or heavy rain, then you will want to wait until the weather clears up before doing any work on your own or expecting someone to come out to your home. It’s unsafe to do any work on your roof in a wet environment. So before climbing onto your roof to assess any damage, wait it out and make a game plan.


Rubber-Soled Shoes


When going onto a roof, it is crucial that you wear rubber-soled shoes for ultimate safety. If you want to take on this job on your own, then you want to ensure you are safe first and foremost.


Use Your Best Judgment


If your roof has clear damage or looks like it could cave in at any moment, then do not walk on the roof. Use your judgment and analyze the situation before you get hurt. This is when you will definitely need the help of a professional.


Hiring A Contractor


Even with small fixes, it may be in your best interest to call for a reliable contractor. Realizing that this will likely be a big investment, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind so the job gets done and it gets done right:


  • Hire a company with extensive experience- New companies may do great work, but if you want security it’s best to ensure the contractor has been around for a while.
  • Never pay up front- Trustworthy companies will ask for a simple down payment, but never pay up front for work that hasn’t been done. This is likely to be a scam.
  • Ask for proof of insurance- If a contractor can’t provide or refuses to provide proof of insurance, then do not do business with them. If accidents occur without proper insurance, you will be responsible for the payment.


Do not ignore any roofing problems, they will only get worse over time. Do extensive research on how to repair your roof or simply do some research on a trustworthy and local roofing contractor. Engelmeier Roofing is one that has been around since 1959 and is serving the Central Florida area, so you may want to check them out.


Good luck!