Modified Bitumen

Two of the most common roofing systems are modified bitumen and single ply. True Engelmeier Roofing has the skills and experience to install these roofings with absolute perfection and ease.

Typically used on commercial buildings, the modified bitumen reinforced roof membrane system exhibits plastic characteristics. It is composed of composite sheets of roofing materials that are manufactured with modified bitumen and reinforcing sheets. Some reinforcement is normally located at the sheet’s mid-depth. This reinforcement may be in the form of:

  • Plastic sheeting
  • Polyethylene film
  • Heavy polyester mat
  • Glass fiber felt or fabric
  • Combinations

The modified asphalt for these systems contain polymers or special plasticizer, depending on the manufacturer. And as with any roofing, modified bitumen has its advantages over others.


The Benefits

There are multiple advantages when you choose modified bitumen. You’ll have to analyze what elements you’re looking for most in a roof and further decide. True Engelmeier Roofing can guide you through this process, but it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with your options before you jump in.



One of the greatest benefits you’ll notice when having modified bitumen installed is the consistent thickness that it carries. It is manufactured under tight quality control so that it can survive the obstacles and elements that attempt to tear it down. Not only will you save money, but also time and stress because you won’t be doing consistent repairs or replacements.


Broader Temperature Range

The modified material can handle climate extremes even better than built-up roofing (BUR). BUR is thick with multiple layers of tar and gravel that create a watertight seal. Imagine something that thick, keeping your building cool. So if you’re looking for a roofing that is well insulated and can save you money on heating or cooling in the long term, this may be the roofing for you.


Why True Engelmeier Roofing?

There are numerous roofing contractors out there but there aren’t many like True Engelmeier Roofing. Well, what do we mean by that? We mean we offer the experience, team, and warranty that few other contractors can!



True Engelmeier has been serving residential and commercial buildings across all of Central Florida since 1959! Clients have trusted us with their greatest investment for decades now. Over the course of our existence, we have grown and built up a portfolio of advanced knowledge in our abilities and techniques.

We couldn’t be in business all these years if our customers weren’t continually satisfied, so trust us that we’ve got what it takes.


Our Team

Our staff is unique in that each of our certified craftsmen have an average of 10 years under their belt in roofing experience. We don’t hire independent contractors or temporary labor to work on your roof either. True Engelmeier is a company of quality and in order to maintain that we only hire the best of the best!


Our Warranty

Other contractors can promise you some sort of warranty on the materials utilized during the job, but not many promise a 10 year labor warranty along with a long-term warranty on most materials. We put our profits on the line because we are extremely confident in our work and materials. The True Engelmeier Roofing staff does not cut corners to maximize profit, instead we go out of our way to offer you the best! We treat your roof as it was our own. With a warranty this great, there’s little reason for you to be worried.


How We Build It

True Engelmeier Roofing will tear off existing roof system down to roof deck then rebuild from the deck up. We install the modified single ply roofing over a 43# base sheet. Membrane is applied with a modified adhesive. This roof system would include all necessary flashings.


What you can do?

If modified bitumen sounds like a roofing your commercial location would benefit from, then give us a call so that we can set up an appointment to survey, analyze, and develop a plan for you! We know you’ll want to know the complete details before you sign up for a big investment. So call us today at (407) 291-8600 and we can begin your path to professionally installed modified bitumen.