Projects - Safety Tips To Remember When Fixing Your Roof

Are you a “do-it-yourself” person? Do you like to take problems into your own hands? Well, if you want to apply the same concept to your house’s roofing needs, then you’ll need to learn some safety tips before hammering out the details. Being up on your roof can be dangerous, not only due to the height, but also if you suspect there is damage. So there are plenty of elements you’ll want to keep in mind before climbing the ladder and hopping onto your roof.


Take A Second To Think It Out

If you’re reading this article, then great! You’ve already taken a breath and considered what could go wrong. If it’s not you who is climbing onto the roof, then quickly forward this article! Many situations can go wrong if you aren’t exactly a certified professional so it’s a great thing you’re here. Let’s proceed.


If It Is Raining, Don’t Do It 

It’s understandable that you’ll want to fix whatever the problem may be as soon as possible. You may even be especially tempted to go up onto the roof right away if you have a leak. But the payoff is not worth your safety. If it’s even slightly drizzling, or if it rained in the morning but now it’s the afternoon, you still want to wait.


The rain will cause the roofing to be slippery and therefore unsafe for you to walk on. The same goes for ice and snow.


Rubber Sole Shoes 

You probably weren’t going to go barefoot onto the roof, but you also certainly don’t want to walk on the roof without putting on some rubber sole boots first. This will help prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself severely.


Always Work With A Buddy

Working with somebody else will help keep you safe because the job will be easier and you’ll have a second set of eyes. Doing the job by yourself is obviously harder than doing it with a friend and anything that makes the job easier will make you safer. Plus, someone else may spot a leak or damaged shingle before you and you’ll avoid damaging it further or even hurting yourself.


Use A Harness

There are specialized roofing harnesses that you can use while getting the job done. It is a small investment when compared to the importance of your wellbeing. It is highly recommended that you purchase or rent one if you think you’ll be on the roof for a long time or if your roof is especially steep.


Avoid Bringing Anything Up With You 

When climbing up the ladder, have a friend hand you the tools or use some kind of pulley system. This way you’ll avoid any mishaps when you reach the top of the ladder.


Keep all of these safety tips in mind so that you can make your wellbeing the number one priority. Don’t just jump right into the task. And if you find that the job is just too large for you to handle, then contact a certified, trusted, and experienced local contractor.